Prevent Diabetes by Quitting Smoking

Smoking and Diabetes

We all know that smoking has global, profound, negative effects on our body. It raises your risk of fatal diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and many […]
Montreal Clinic to Quit Smoking by Soft Laser

How Smoking Changes Your Appearance

There is no doubt that smoking increases risks of numerous health conditions from as severe as Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer to Alzheimer’s disease and Osteoporosis. However, […]
Stop Smoking Montreal Clinic

Senior Smokers: Quit Smoking and Stay Fit – Degenerative Diseases and Smoking

You may know smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease, but do you know smoking can make you get older faster? From an increased risk […]
Avantages pour la santé de cesser de fumer

Health Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

If you love yourself and your loved ones, you should know about these! At the Stop Centres, we invite all smokers to take a moment and […]