Soft Laser Auriculotherapy:

Soft Laser Auriculotherapy is an effective physical treatment based on neural reflex links between the auricles and other parts of the body throughout the nervous system.

Auriculotherapy is effective in treating substance dependence and psycho-emotional disorders, such as depression and anxiety, through positively adjusting effectiveness of certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine.

At the Stop Centres, we utilize soft laser, instead of needles, to apply the auriculotherapy treatments in order to maximize the treatment efficacy. The protocols of our treatments were developed in-house through over 20 years research and experience.

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Life Coaching:

When you decide to try to quit using an addictive substance, stop an addictive behavior, or reduce your weight, stress or anxiety levels, you are trying to change. CHANGE is a process which needs active evolvement of both your body and mind.

Life coaching is a co-operation between you and a professional life coach, who helps you to discover your strength, to make choices and empowers you to go through the change process and reach your goal.

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Mindfulness Meditation:

Substance or behavior addictions, depression, anxiety, or excessive stress are all involved in abnormal or undesired activities or reactions in certain regions of the brain. To recover, one effective way is to physically train our brain to regain control.

Mindfulness Meditation stems from ancient Buddhism wisdom and has been proven by modern psychology and neuroscience to be an effective practice for correcting addiction behaviors, reducing depression, anxiety and stress as effectively as prescription drugs, but without any chemicals involved.

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More than two decades in business, over 90,000 patients have been treated !