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At Stop Centres, we believe that you are able to lose your extra weight effectively and permanently with physical help, mental support, and proper guidance of professionals. If you are ready, we can help!

First of all, we need to ask: what causes weight gain? The very simple answer is that you eat more than you burn! To change the situation, what you need to do is to eat less and burn more.

How to do it effectively, healthily, enjoyably and make the change permanent? It is tricky. Let us help you out!

In our Stop Weight and Stop Weight Plus treatment packages, we offer different combinations of soft laser auriculotherapy, personal exercise program, and nutrition consultation with a registered dietician.

These are our approaches:

  • Auriculotherapy: controls appetite and enhances your mood, which makes everything else easier! Targets central nervous system (the brain) by regulating neurotransmitters’levels and their signal reception to reduce appetite and improve your mood (sense of wellbeing), which helps you adapt easily to your healthy eating and exercise plans.
  • Nutrition consultation with a registered dietician: a personalized approach tailored to your individual needs empowers you to make healthier choices. Realistic, healthy & result-oriented nutrition programs that help you reach your goals at the right speed and in the right way. Small dietary changes can have a tremendous impact on your overall health. Start today!
  • Personalized training program or Affiliated Gym training program: beneficial, safe and effective. You will be amazed at what you may gain (health) and what you will lose (weight) by being active. Professional, goal oriented, individual program respecting your physical conditions and needs. Individualized attention and plan modification follow you through the entire program. How could a lifestyle be healthy without being active?

Losing weight takes effort, but it is well worth it! You are in the process of transforming your life positively. It is a joyful journey towards health and a better image. Every effort you put in has a positive result!

Let’s work together and we wish you enjoy the journey!

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