Life coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process directed by a professional life coach to maximize the personal potential of a client. At the Stop Centres, we provide two types of life coaching services: Addiction Life Coaching and Wellness Life Coaching.

Addiction Life Coaching

An addiction life coach works with people with addictions, such as alcoholics, drug addicts, gamblers, sex addicts, kleptomaniacs, and any number of other types of addicts. Addiction life coaches help clients:

  • To be more aware of the world around them and help them discover new choices which were not perceived before.
  • To realize life should be taken seriously and stop destructive behavior and work productively towards their goals.
  • To advance in the stages of the quitting process and prepare them for action.
  • To make themselves accountable for achieving every short-term goal in their action plan.
  • To maintain treatment results and stay sober by teaching them tools to carry on with life in a healthy manner without the need for addictive substances (alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc.) as a crutch.

It is important to know that addiction life coaching, also called recovery coaching, is not a substitute or alternative to addiction treatment, but a recovery coach can assist their clients in choosing appropriate treatment and/or therapy and help them to follow through with getting the help they need. Recovery coaches help their clients to thrive in recovery, not just survive in recovery.

Wellness Life Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a branch of Life Coaching which focuses on helping people to deal with their unhealthy conditions, such as overweight, high stress level and sedentary lifestyle. Many people in unhealthy conditions actually realize the problem and are willing to try different ways, such as different diet plan or exercise strategies to correct the situation. The problem is that these solutions don’t stick and people end up feeling frustrated and alone. We want lasting change. Wellness coaching helps people go from wanting to do something to actually getting it done and staying done.

A wellness coach works with clients in all aspects of their lives, and help clients:

  • To make a feasible plan of action.
  • To discover their strengths and skills and use them to move along the way towards their goals.
  • To make themselves responsible for achieving every milestone on their way.
  • To sustain positive life changes, stay healthy and in good shape for long term.

In general, wellness coaches help clients find the motivation and tools to reach their physical and emotional health goals.

How we help you at the Stop Centres

At the Stop Centres, our professional life coaches are part of our multidisciplinary team. Some of our large treatment programs, such as Stop-Alcohol, a specialized program for addictive drinkers, Stop-Hard Drugs program, Stop Tobacco and Soft Drugs combo program and Stop Weight program, include life coaching sessions in the treatment process and help you make personalized action plan according to your conditions and needs. Our life coaches work with you hand in hand to reach your goal.

What’s more, life coaching is not only for the action phase of the change process, but also for the full process including preparation and maintenance. If you are not quite ready for action or you have loved ones that are in trouble but not able to act on their own, a couple of sessions life coaching will help to advance the process and prepare for the action. On the other hand, if you have succeeded in treatments and quit the addiction, but continuously relapse, life coaching will help you get back on track and sustain your victory.