Stop Centres

Stop your addiction thanks to Soft Laser auricular therapy

Have you been enslaved by cigarettes for years or decades and living under the threat of developing lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, or COPD?

Are you carrying extra weight, which affects your image and health?

Are you suffering physically and mentally from the negative effects of alcohol or drugs consumption, but don’t know how to get out of it?

Are you overstressed and suffering from insomnia and headaches constantly?

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression or some kind of obsession, which affects your daily life?

These problems seem unrelated to one another, however, there is a common root: you need to make positive, permanent CHANGES in your life: STOP some destructive behaviors!

CHANGE is a process. It requires the active involvement of your body and mind.

Stop Centres is a network of naturopathic clinics offering treatment programs for addiction, psycho-emotional disorders, well being and health-related conditions in several areas of Quebec. We provide all natural approaches to help you transform your lifestyle smoothly and effectively. The multidisciplinary services and personalized one on one program of Stop Centres ensure your privacy and comfort. We provide personalized coaching, soft laser auriculotherapy, long-term follow-up programs, and may also combine medical, psychological, or nutritional consultation, professional life coaching, acupuncture, acupressure, naturopathic herbal medicine, osteopathic treatments, massage therapy, mindfulness meditation stress reduction program and others depending on your personal profile and needs.

The Research and Development of the Stop Centres is accredited by both Provincial and Federal governments. (The) Stop Centres is the exclusive service provider of the Policemen COOP and the City of Montreal, as well as a large number of public companies, and large and small businesses.

More than two decades in business, over 90,000 patients have been treated !