Quebec 2019-03-07

I send you just a few words to tell you that the treatment you had done to me was very effective. Thank you! Hope I will never need to go back to the Stop Centres.

Laval 2019-03-20

This treatment is simply miraculous. At the end of your first visit, your temptations will no longer be present, and you will feel more serine and at peace with yourself. Living with an addiction can create many problems in everyday life (separation, loss of jobs, friends are becoming increasingly rare). For all those who feel prisoner of their addiction and want to regain control of their own life, I invite you to try this treatment. The Stop Centres’ therapists are angels who listen and give good advice on how to regain control of our lives. I recommend it to all those who are tired of their lifestyle. It is never too late!!!! Thank you, Stop Centres!

Stop Tobacco TM

Montreal 2019-03-26

It's amazing how it works! You have to know that it is not brainwashing either. It needs will. Even with medications, patches or gums, cravings arise. Just resist a few minutes and it passes. At least, there are no chemicals as with medications; no nicotine as with patches and gums. You stop for real! For me, we do not become a non-smoker, we just stop. A non-smoker can smoke a cigarette, dislike it and stop it. Not me! If I take a cigarette, it's on again! The laser has helped me and I am very happy to have quit.

Laval 2019-02-05

The treatment is effective and great. There are many people who do not believe in this treatment but for me I tried it and I do not regret it at all, I feel very active and happy to be liberated. I hope everyone try this treatment at Stop Centres to quit smoking.

Montreal, 2018-07-12

I am very happy to have quit smoking. I tried all of the possible methods to quit smoking… but nothing helped. However, after the laser treatment of the Stop Centres, I really did quit smoking. I felt a big difference. I have more energy and am able to do more activity. I became younger! I hope that everyone quits smoking with the simple and effective method --- the soft laser stop tobacco treatment of the Stop Centres.

Laval, 2018-04-19

I stopped, I am very happy to get a gift after 40 years of smoking. You helped me. The treatment is great. I did not have physical symptoms. If by chance there were some symptoms it was very simple it passed quickly it was not sustainable as if I had quit all alone. I recommend the Stop Centers to stop smoking.

Montréal, 2018-01-11

I smoked for over 30 years, and I thought to quit was difficult. However, to my surprise, it went very well with Stop Centres. I didn’t feel any physical difficulties after the laser treatment and even other people smoking next to me didn’t bother me. My friends and family members were all very impressed!

Montréal, 2017-09-13

I went to your St-Denis office in January 2017 to quit smoking cigarettes. I had 2 sessions with Marie and I have NOT touched a cigarette since I left the office!

I’m 40 years old and had been smoking for 20+ years, I’m so happy it was so successful!

Montréal, 2017-06-10

I quit smoking with the Stop Centres 10 years ago and maintained 9 full years as a non-smoker. At an event, I started smoking last year. For my health, I came back to the Stop Centres and did the Stop Tobacco laser treatment again. It was a very nice experience. I found it was a lot easier for me to quit this time: it was surprisingly easy and I did not feel any physical suffering. However, I have to be more vigilant. When it is easy, you are more likely to be overconfident.

St-Basile-le-Grand, 2016-09-12

I took the treatment to quit smoking. I smoked 1 to 1 ½ packs a day. When I left the office after my first treatment I never touched a cigarette ever as in a miracle. It will soon be 7 years and I never had any problem or urge to smoke. It’s marvelous.

After the success to quit smoking I made the decision to try the weight loss program and yes, to my great surprise it worked. I lost 40 pounds and it’s been 3 years now that I have maintained my weight.

It’s a great team.

Don’t hesitate. Take care of your health. It works!

Montréal, 2016-5-18

Stop Tobacco is a very successful treatment. The urge to smoke is completely gone. My fist 2 weeks, back when, were very easy. I do not even look forward to enjoying other people’ smoke as I used to when I tried quitting before.

Stop Alcohol TM

Montreal 2019-02-05

I am very happy to quit drinking alcohol. I passed the treatment in 2 weeks. It was great and wonderful. I have never had the desire to drink after. I feel in good condition and full of health. This is the ideal treatment to stop consumption: the simplest method. I hope that everyone who suffers from addiction tries the easy and effective treatment with the soft laser at Stop Centres, a professional center.

Laval, 2018-03-23

I have been drinking all my life before I came to the Stop Centres for the Stop Alcohol treatment. I have a family history of alcoholism, and I had never imagined that I would have been able to stop drinking. My father, grandfather, etc all were alcoholics. However, just after 1 single laser treatment, I was able to quit completely! The second session of the following week helped to eliminate all the discomforts associated with quitting drinking. Now I am in heaven! I started to plan a brand new life by being an independent person! Thanks a lot to the Stop Centres!

Laval, 2016-09-28

I took the Stop Alcohol treatment 2 months ago and it went well. I have quit on my own before and I found that using the treatment from the Stop Centres helped me a lot. It is a lot easier than quitting on my own. You should try it!

Stop Soft Drugs TM

Montréal, 2014-10-14

I was amazed at the effect of the Stop Soft Drug laser treatment of the Stop Centres. I didn’t get the urge to consume after the first treatment. It’s a lot easier than I thought! After quitting for 1 week, one of my friends asked what happened, because I looked a lot better than before!

Stop Hard Drugs TM

Laval, 2017-03-15

The Stop Hard Drugs treatment of Stop Centres is really amazing. The treatment helped me to kick-start a positive cycle: I started to use drug money to hire a personal trainer and start training. I am not going to drug friends’ parties anymore, and am not even willing to see them. I see a big change in my life. Thanks a lot to the Stop Centres!

Montréal, 2014-10-16

Today, I am at the 6th session of my Stop Hard Drugs treatment program of the Stop Centres. I am still amazed at the effect of the treatment. I used to consume cocaine every single day, but now, I only have a little bit of craving 1 or 2 days per week in the evening. I feel calmer and at ease. Stop Centres really helped me a lot!

Stop Weight TM

Laval, 2018-03-26

I visited Stop Centres in February 2018 at their Laval location to lose weight. My experience has been life-changing. I was recommended 5 sessions at a very reasonable price. During my first session I met Yvonne, she spent about 1 and a half hours asking me about my eating habits and my goals. Her questions helped her understand how my body works, and at the same time, she suggested several tips to help me reduce my food intake. She spent about 1 and a half hour doing the treatment. It’s basically putting laser light on my ears, stomach, arms, and legs. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment. She also provided me with all the recommend healthy food I can intake. During the first week itself, my hunger craving after dinner was gone.

My next treatments were with Stephane, he advised me to start having breakfast (I skipped breakfast throughout my life). He explained how the body works and helped me stop my sweet cravings. He provided me with more helpful tips. His goal was to help me permanently change my eating habits.

All the treatments require you to have a strong desire to change any bad habits. Due to the laser treatments, my hunger for junk food was reduced. In 5 weeks I lost more than 10 pounds and more importantly they help you permanently change your diet lifestyle. I was told it takes 21 days to change any habit.

Their receptionist Nadia reminded me about my appointments.

A big thanks to everyone working there. I would recommend this place to anyone with any bad habits to at least give one try. All the money spent will be recovered in many ways.

Montréal, 2016-08-16

I found out about Stop Centres through a work colleague who wanted to quit smoking. We arranged for a meeting and a company representative explained the kinds of treatments available to interested employees. It was during this meeting that I was informed that the services available were much more than a way to quit smoking and that many other kinds of ‘addictions’ or daily life problems could be treated. It was in 2006 that I did the Stop Weight program. Since then I renew it almost every year. This does not only help me to regulate my appetite, the sessions help my mood, stress and contribute to my complete well being.

Stop Appetite TM

Gatineau, 2013-10-11

I am very happy about losing my appetite, especially in regards to chocolate. I am really happy to have lost 20 lbs since July! I found it is very helpful with the treatment to control the appetite. I bought a gift certificate for my daughter, and she started to lose weight as well!

Stop Insomnia TM

Longueuil, 2015-11-10

After my treatment for insomnia, my daughter saw the difference in me. And even on the phone, my friends see the difference in me. I am more alert, calmer and more rested. I am no longer scared to go to bed and no longer apprehend the night and the rare sleep. Thank you Stop Insomnia and Stop Centres.

Stop Stress TM

Longueuil, 2015-11-10

I decided to get treated for my stress because of my success with the tobacco treatment 4 years ago. I no longer feel stress and went from 2 Ativan a day to only one at night without needing it. I recommend the treatment for stress because it helped me. I come from a village in Gaspesie and am newly arrived in the city: and now I drive in the city which was impossible before! It is worth it to recommend this treatment.

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