Preparing to quit smoking

You are well aware of the harmfulness of cigarette smoking, as well as the benefits of quitting; you are well aware of the mechanism of nicotine addiction Quit Smoking Today and the awfulness of withdrawal symptoms. You know that you are going to face a battle that is unavoidable. However, you know that you are not alone. You have a good method, the Stop TobaccoTM soft laser treatments of the Stop Centres, to count on. Now, you need to have a plan, a good plan, to make it happen.

First of all, solidify your motivation. You are unique. Your reasons to quit smoking for good are unique. They reflect your values and your life experiences. Take time to sort out the points and write them down.

Then, set the quit date. Once you are certain to take the action, set the date within 2 weeks, in order for you not to lose the momentum. Avoid periods of task deadlines at work or extraordinary changes in personal life. Choose the time when you are calm and relaxed. However, don’t wait for the perfect moment, because it may never come! Once you set the date, do not change it. Make a serious commitment. Phone the Stop Centres to set up the appointment for your laser treatment.

During the two weeks before the quit date, take time to observe your smoking habits. Smoking is not only a physical dependency but also a habitual behaviour. You have trained your brain for years to get a reward from cigarette smoking in different occasions. It creates habit loops in your subconscious mind, that the occasions become triggers for smoking. You need to identify when, where and in what situations you smoke during the day. Based on the information, we may develop an action plan to avoid certain triggers and as well as a plan for activities or new behaviours to replace cigarette smoking to meet your needs.

In the meantime, one very important task for you is to look for support. Get your loved ones involved in your quitting journey. We don’t live alone in the world. We have relations with family members, colleagues and we play different social roles in our society. When you go through the quitting process, the change of moods may affect others. Understanding and support from people around you certainly will make your journey smoother. What’s more, when you feel fragile, a helping hand can do more than you expect. Also, quitting is a wonderful journey towards a better life. Sharing your joy of success bit by bit every day is certainly a positive encouragement to keep the momentum.

Another important action is to get your environment ready. A few days before your quit day, wash your clothes, bed sheets, curtains, and carpets. Give fresh scents in your living space, as well as your car and workplace. A fresh environment is a bright start. Let’s start the Journey!